Luiza Racoviță

Luiza's story begins with her nomad lifestyle. Since childhood, she has been changing her surroundings, forced by various circumstances to move from the seaside to the mountains, and from various areas of a crowded capital city in Europe, to the currently sunny Florida, by the ocean.


This constant change naturally led her to try and turn every object - be it clothes, accessories, furniture or anything one could carry around from one home to another - into something she could call her own. In time, this need turned into a passion for details that was later shaped into a skill - decorating.


She improved this skill during her college studies on art history, patterns, textiles, paint and design in Bucharest, Romania. After graduation, Luiza decided to turn her attention towards interior design and all of its surprising aspects, as a need to quench her thirst for adapting any given space with art details that empowered it.


After a few years of experimenting as a window dresser, mural artist and interior designer, she decided to gather everything under one roof:


If your home is where you feel most like yourself, maybe it's time it matched your personality.


with the help of our

lead designer