It’s been a busy year for Decorativa and it’s time to take a look at the projects we’ve worked on in the hopes of entering the new year with refreshed energy and an even more solid set of skills.

Plus, we have to pen down the habit of writing 2016 instead of 2015 and this helps with the practice before the paperwork starts flowing in. So, before mentioning our future plans, I’d like to go over some of this year’s projects and the things I’ve learned from the work.

I think I could easily call 2015 the year of the Kitchen as far as it goes for the work I’ve done with Decorativa. The people of Florida have spend time, financial resources and creativity in adapting that space of their homes where delicious food is prepared.



For example, we worked on our first dark-colored kitchen, a project which has made us realize that a lot of people are attached to the idea of having white kitchens because it’s the obvious choice when it comes to creating an environment that gives off a clean and spacey vibe. We don’t disagree with that idea but kitchens come in many shapes, textures and colors, and there’s a whole variety of styles to choose from when looking for an update.

My advice: Be open to what your interior designer has to offer, as well as what you really want! Sometimes, the pictures you see in a magazine or your neighbour’s setting doesn’t fit your home.


The Road to Marrakesh kitchen


This year, I also got a chance to work more with glass and mirrors, a lovely option for when you’re looking to create more space in a room or simply add an interesting touch to a wall.

My advice: Mirrors are one of those things that make or break a space; be sure to use it right!


Reflexion_Decorativa FINISHES


Kitchens weren’t the only rooms we worked on. We had the chance to interior design several guest bedrooms and living rooms, one of which presented the extra challenge of a low budget. It’s usually the obstructions that help people find the best scenario.

My advice: Don’t be afraid to hire an interior designer just because you don’t have a big budget. Options exist where there’s some a will and a lot of passion!




And last, but not least, I got to explore new art territories when a client invited me to do a mural on one of her home walls. The project turned into a 3D artwork that engaged me in a new ways as well as made me want to explore this area further.

Having a piece of custom-made artwork in your home is no longer a pompous gesture. Nowadays, art has become accessible and more people understand its unique value. We have to make room in our lives for art if we want our minds and souls to thrive.


My advice: Explore your artistic side!




I had the pleasure of working with many people this year and one of the most important conclusion I can draw is that communication is one of the most important aspects in finalizing a successful interior design project.

It’s a two way street: the interior designer listens to the wishes of the client while the client trusts and allows the interior designer to apply the skill and knowledge he/ she has learnt throughout the course of their career. No one is perfect though and even designers who have a lifetime of experience can learn to see things from new vantage points.

According to popular science author and media theorist Steven Johnson, allowing the future to unfold without clinging to an outcome is one of the ways people have manage to bring innovation forward throughout the years. He calls this the adjacent possible.

I hope I get to explore more of this adjacent possible in 2016 and I wish you the same!

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