We’re back and we’d like to talk about the decision of adding color to a room. A seemingly small step that, in my opinion, that can make or break an interior design project.

For me, the right wall color – whether we’re talking kitchen, bathroom or living room – is the cherry on top of the remodeling process. You could say it adds the je ne sais quoi a room needs in order to look and feel complete.

Before starting to collect samples, ideas and solutions, you should ask yourself (in case the interior designer hasn’t already): What do I want the mood of the room to be? How do I want it to make me feel?


Courtesy of Olafur Eliasson art installations

Once you decide on it, you can begin the process of searching, but keep in mind that what you see in a fabulous photo on the cover of a magazine depends on the set-up and lighting, so be aware of the details of your own space. Best tip I can give you is to look at your color of choice during various moments of the day, because sunlight is very different from bulb light. 

“Like art, lighting is personal and subjective.“


And so is the choosing of the color, a process tightly connected to the existing lighting in the room (or the choosing of a new lighting solution), plus every object that you plan on keeping (which will reflect the light and influence the color). There is an entire discussion here about how the different types of lighting – direct or reflected, artificial or natural – affect your color. Don’t skip it! Read more about it here.


direct sunlight/ indirect sunlight/ artificial light



I always ask my clients three questions:

  1. Does the room have a lot of light? What are the sources? 
  2. What is the color of your floor?
  3. Are you opened to having an accent wall?

Trend wise, Simply White is the Color of the Year in the land of Benjamin Moore paints. Not surprisingly, white is the most versatile of non-colors and the easiest and sometimes most beautiful way to create space. However, it can also be a choice that makes a room look sterile or dull.



Luckily, there’s an incredible selection out there of both light and dark colors and I’ve put together some of my personal favorites from B.M. Some I’ve already used for previous projects – kitchen, living room or bedroom -, others I plan on using them in the near future. And they are:


So, what’s your favorite color? I’d love to hear from you,


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