Let’s face it, the room that makes everyone’s life better and is usually the star of home parties is The Kitchen. Big, small, dark, light, people will always gather around in it, whether it’s just for a cup of coffee, a quick chat or a three-course meal. In fact, I bet most of us know pretty early on how we’d like our dream kitchen to look like.


There are two ways to go about adapting your kitchen space:

Keep the bones or Start from scratch.


Keeping the bones

⤚ means you are happy with your current layout ⤙

We’ll refurbish any piece of furniture to your current taste, add trim and other recessed panels on the doors and paint. One of the things that would work great with any kitchen is light under and/ or above the cabinets, the kind of thing that could increase both ambiance and usefulness. Another important aspect and accent is the island, where again, you can refresh it in its entirety of simply change the lights above and give it a fresh and contemporary feel.

Starting from scratch

⤚ means exactly that 

You are determined to redesign your entire kitchen and thus allowing us, the team at Decorativa, to walk you through the plans of an entire remake of your kitchen (yes, this might involve demolition). This scenario involves a lot more freedom because we’re able to move around the appliances, change the faucets, and even expand the space – add a window or expand the pantry. Everything is now possible! Perhaps you need new electrical wiring and new plumbing. This is the moment to do it. Design-wise, if there’s no island, you can now have one. Take a look at the floors, perhaps they aren’t the right fit either, not to mention the color of the walls. 


In addition, I have to mention the backsplashes, a personal favorite when it comes to kitchen accessories. They’re considered to be the jewel of the kitchen, that extra detail that supports the harmony of the room, along with handles and countertops.


If you’d like to take this backsplash situation one step further, you need to know that I love to custom make them, painting each natural stone in order to create an expressive accent wall and turn any kitchen into a statement.

However, at the end of the day, it all depends on what each person wants from their kitchen and what drives the change. Is it functionality, a lack of harmony with the personality of the residents, a desire to keep with the trends? Whatever the reason, I’d love to get to work on projects where people are willing to explore. Personally, I’ve been intrigued for a while now by darker kitchens – browns, greys, blacks.


Before we get to collaborate, let’s stay in touch and exchange thoughts about Decorativa’s work in progress or, better yet, let’s talk about your “Dream Kitchen” here: facebook, instagram, pinterest and linkedIn.


Have a great weekend, 


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